Some apps are fully ported under iOS : Paintstorm studio, Clipstudio paint...
Some Artrage Desktop functionality are missing badly on the ipad :

- UI : I prefer the desktop circular disposition, with a direct access to the size slider
Under iOS, if I am not mistaken, I have to go to presets to change brush size. Not so fast.
Artrage UI is very simple and was thought with tablet PC usage, so why do not use it as is ?
I use Artrage Desktop on the iPad via Luna Display, and the UI works well, with some parts who disappears
under the stylus.

- Custom Brushes : I have buy some great Brushes ans I would like to use them on ArtRage Vitae iPad.

Ending with a good note, I very like the real blending colors who was bring to ArtRage Vitae iOS, Thanks you very much for that.