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Thread: Need Help using my Key from XP-Pen

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    Unhappy Need Help using my Key from XP-Pen

    I got my XP-PEN Artist 12 tablet last Xmas and finally redeemed my free software of choice, which is the ArtRage 6. XP-PEN website gave me a key/ code for it. There is no where on the ArtRage website for me to submit it to obtain the program, only a purchase option that also doesn't have a spot for "Have a Key? Go here to redeem" like I assumed it would have had. Am I missing something? Please help!

    EDIT//UPDATE: I kept snooping around all over the site & using Google - found out under the 'Products' tab on the main page, there is a 'Member Area (for older versions' - I went there, made an account, and was able to use my key there and now have ArtRage 6 downloaded. I would delete this thread if I knew how to, but just in case someone else like me comes along, this may help them. Anyway, figured it out!
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    It works, very helpful. Although I got a xppen artist 15.6 pro from , thanks!
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