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Thread: Tablet Bluetooth loss

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    Tablet Bluetooth loss

    I ran across a problem cure that may save someone some aggravation. This seems to be more prevalent among Dell computer systems but may affect others also.

    After a Windows update some have experienced a complete loss of the computer Bluetooth function. This happened to me twice. I followed all the hints and directions I could find online but nothing worked, including reinstalling the Bluetooth drivers for my system, followings Dell's recovery directions, etc. Continuing to search for answers (starting to sound like a Sherlock Holmes novel ) I ran across something that sounded ridiculous but I was running out of ideas and already had Dell send me a new Bluetooth chip (on warr.) thinking it might have gone bad.

    What I ran across was a forum comment by a user that solved this Bluetooth problem by unplugging the power supply to their computer for several minutes, then connecting back up again. Shutting down, rebooting, restart did not work on my computer but I gave this cure a try. I unplugged my computer power cord from the wall (shutting it down first, of course), waited a couple of minutes and plugged it back in, started it up again and Voilą! The Bluetooth connect button appeared again ('Windows key' + 'A'). I only had to connect the Bluetooth devices again.

    This is weird... but it worked! If all else has failed give this a try.
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