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Thread: Can't preview AR6 thumbnails running Windows 10

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    Question Can't preview AR6 thumbnails running Windows 10

    Hey folks, I can't preview thumbnails in file explorer (or in artrage itself) and I thought I used to be able to with earlier versions of AR. Not a huge problem but annoying as I often forget what the paintings look like. I'm not really gifted at naming my ptg files.

    Thanks for any help you can offer

    EDIT: I did a fresh install, reassociated ptg files to artrage and no other program is trying to associate itself with ptg files. Still no luck.

    EDIT 05/12/2022: To be clear, I can see thumbnails for jpg/png/tif/bmp/reb/rif etc...just the ptg thumbnails are missing. Has anyone figured this out?
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    Just a thought but in File Explorer have you set View/Large Icons?

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    As June said. In the bottom right corner of the File Explorer page there are two tiny icons: one representing list format, the other representing thumbnails. My Windows 10 often reverts to list form and I have to change it back.
    These are what the icons look like, just above the dark bar for date/time etc:
    Name:  icons list.PNG
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    I have thumbnails chosen (right image). If I select the left image, I will get only a list of my paintings.

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    No thumbs

    No thumbs anymore for me either. There used to be...

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    Icon view

    Could be an option reset after a Windows update or something else that caused a change in the folder settings. Get to the 'folder options' by whatever means, I am using Windows 11 now but I think it may be in 'view' on the File folder open window menu. Make sure 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' or something similar is NOT checked off. Check through all the folder settings but do not change anything if you are not sure what it will do... unless you write down any changes so you can revert back to the original settings if need be.
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