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Thread: Art Rage 4 and 5 both keep freezing

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    Hello cor,
    Glad you have AR working now Though that was quite an extreme solution!!!

    Not sure what the “white squares” could be that you are referring to
    Though I do get white squares appearing as the cursor travels over the canvas while using the Transform tool. These are always outside of the Transform Bounding Box and temporary in nature, disappearing after completing the Transform.
    The later issue with the Bucket sounds like an antialiasing issue. You could try turning Off Antialiasing, though you will get jagged edges around the fill colour.
    In AR it’s generally better when possible to keep Line layers separate to Fill layers. With the Line layer/s placed above the Fill layer/s which effectively hides/masks any semitransparent pixels around the edges of the fill colour caused by the antialiasing.

    Can you post some screenshots of your current issues?
    Along with some step by steps of how to reproduce them?
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