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Thread: Where did everyone go?

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    Where did everyone go?

    Hi All:

    This place used to be much more active, more people showing their art, giving and getting feedback, and discussing art in general...

    now, it's so very quiet

    what happened?

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    Good question!
    Maybe with so many social media outlets around these days, especially with the more art focused ones, I think a lot of folks who may once have posted their art on these forums are posting elsewhere, and perhaps to a larger general audience.
    Also, though I hate to say it, I fear life’s attrition may have taken some of the forums old stalwarts from us too over the years
    But yes it would be nice to see some more activity around here!
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    I hope so too, because it is indeed very quiet
    Sorry for my bad English (I never had English education)

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    DarkOwnt where have you been?

    Mr Akey, who commented on all posted paintings, has taken leave, Eghty+ has been in hospital and is maybe taking a break too. I probably won't post as much as I will not be receiving Mr Akey's feedback - he was often the only member who always commented.

    It seemed when ARV was released most posts were about not liking the new system of downloading and seemed to take over the forum. I agree it's a pity it's come to this but unless members post their work and comment on the work of others it will remain just a forum for answering questions - which is a useful function, especially for new members. Mark has been very committed in this area.

    How about you setting us some painting challenges and see what response there is?

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    Ha ha, most artists are now on the Ethereum blockchain converting art to NFT, selling and dreaming of becoming millionaires. It's fun, I convert every new paint into an NFT for eternity!

    AmbientDesign should make a free version of Artrage for the ethereum blockchain accessible through a wallet and build a community around it.

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    Fond Memories

    I have the fondest memories going back a decade ago when this forum was rich with lively exchange.
    Quite a number of old friends that were active here have passed on.
    Others are off to other adventures I suppose.
    I still drop in occasionally to see if anything is cooking.
    It's nice to bump into some old friends on those occasions.
    Best to all of you out there, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
    Thread with bunches of my AR paintings-conversations. Here

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    Writing on behalf of myself, I'm still around since Art Rage 1 yet do not have as much time anymore to spend in any one place on the internet.
    My interests have broadened after practicing and trying different things.
    I have my own personal web site art gallery to keep up that is very large with over 140 pages.
    Over the past several years been getting into the 3d Animation program entitled Blender, rather time consuming with practice and learning yet challenging.
    My personal computer setup involves Windows and several different Linux operating systems, something that is time consuming to keep up.
    Have expanded the range of graphic arts programs worked with trying just about everything free open source and reasonable low cost proprietary software. This eats up a lot of time.
    In conclusion I have spread myself too thin, yet as a hobby this keeps me busy, challenged and interested.

    Over the past few years had some problems with health, spent a lot of time in hospitals and more personal time outside needed to take care of special treatment programs during recovery.
    Last April I had to have cataract surgery and know find looking at a screen for long hours a lot more tolerable, my eye sight was getting really bad before the surgery. As a result of this cataract surgery looking forward to spending a lot more time in computer graphic arts and digital painting, can see a lot better now.

    Been working on a painting using Art Rage Vitae presently. Have this history of Art book and found this interesting painting created by Peter Paul Rubens entitled "Marriage of Marie de' Medici to Henri IV of France" painted sometime in the first half of the 1600's.
    Decided as a challenge to paint this picture in Art Rage, a lot of detail and objects in this painting, this guy did incredible works of art. Will post it here when I either finish and feel satisfied with results or post in the works in progress section if I get frustrated and decide to quit, yet so far making some progress.
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    I have a personally designed artwork gallery website at:
    There is one section full of pages there under the Digital Artwork category that is devoted entirely to paintings I have created with Art Rage.

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    Stephen...happy to see you are still truckin'. Will check out your URLs.

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    This is a very good question. The conversations are becoming less and less everyday.

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    I'm not a prolific poster myself but I have also noticed the difference in forum activity from a few years back.

    I returned to using ArtRage (Vitae) when I recently swapped computer platforms from Windows to Mac and needed to update and buy new software. (btw my software automatically updated today to v7.1.4, but no mention on the forum!)

    For me, ArtRage is one of several creative digital tools that I use, and a part of my overall workflow. Hope that doesn't sound too pretentious as I'm really only a doodler! Although I do feel I am slowly going in the artistic direction I want go, but I'm easily distracted!

    I was thinking it might be helpful if there was something similar to a 'Like' button, so forum members could at least acknowledge they had seen someone's artwork or read their post, but maybe that would lead to even fewer replies!
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    The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!
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