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Thread: Using ArtRage Vitae, XP-PEN Tablet and Screen Simultaneously

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    Using ArtRage Vitae, XP-PEN Tablet and Screen Simultaneously

    ArtRage Vitae Desktop
    Windows 10 Home Version 21H1
    OS build 19043.1266

    I ordered the "XP-Pen Deco Pro M" tablet (replacing my Wacom Intuos 3) to see how compatible it would be with my new "XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro" monitor (replaced my 14yr old Wacom Cintiq). Out of the box before even touching the tablet, I took the Deco PA1 pen and held it to the 22R monitor. To my surprise and joy, it worked just like the PA2 22R pen, including pressure (adjustable in the driver for each pen independently) and that was a good sign. Now, if the tablet and monitor drivers are compatible, there will be no need to switch from the Wacom tablet pen to the XP-PEN 22R monitor pen. Well, here goes...

    When I first plugged the tablet into Dell XPS it did not connect but changing to a different USB port for the tablet did the trick. I also deleted the Wacom driver at this point. Once the tablet lit and took life, it showed up at the top of 22R pen driver automatically as "Deco Pro Medium" (Top box, click on the arrow to the right). The user can toggle to set the tablet or monitor configuration with one click. You do not have to have separate drivers for the tablet or the pen monitor!

    1- If you are using more than one monitor at a time (I use three) you need to change the 'Deco' (or whatever XP-PRO tablet) parameter setting to "Full Screen" (At the top of the "Working Area Setting" box) This allows you to move across the screens with the pen using the tablet. I find it much more natural using a pen instead of a mouse. Leave the 'screen' pen parameter set to your XP-PEN monitor only.

    2- The "Windows Ink" check box as well as other config. items can be set individually for the tablet and/or monitor driver. For example, I have my monitor pen switches set for 'Right Click' & (Function Key) 'Switch Monitor' but the tablet pen switches set to 'Right Click' & (Function Key) 'Double Click'. This is because the pen switches work differently when 'Windows Ink' is checked. The tablet will loose click to 'drag and move', right & left click etc. I leave 'Windows Ink' unchecked on the tablet (unless I need pressure on the tablet pen) and 'checked' on the monitor driver. It only takes a couple of seconds to change the 'Windows Ink' box if need be. Of course, you can adjust according to your work habits. Remember, the same pen in this setup works from tablet to screen, the driver automatically recognizes if you are using the tablet or screen and makes the driver setup changes for you. In my setup there is no need to change pens when going from tablet to screen

    3- Although the pen pressure did not show in the driver (tablet or monitor), I tested ArtRage Vitae and the pressure is working fine.

    One issue. Whenever I boot the computer, the XP-PEN tablet driver has lost the configuration settings. I saved the setup configuration one time (there is an 'export config..' button in driver) and 'Import Config...' each time I start the computer.
    Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Please share your experiences.

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