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Thread: Allow Palette Knife to hold more paint, but not thicker paint...I'll try to explain

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    Allow Palette Knife to hold more paint, but not thicker paint...I'll try to explain

    I like to use the palette knife in traditional painting on an easel. In Artrage the knife runs out of paint quickly. The loading setting only makes it more impasto. I don't really need more impasto as much as I would need the knife to not run out of paint so quickly. A setting to lengthen the brush stroke of the knife would be great.


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    seconding this idea...

    either a longer paintstroke variable for the palette knife, or an angular rotation option for the paint roller, since it has the paint layering quality that I like the most, but it doesn't support tilted brushwork.

    maybe a hybrid tool made of those two without the oil paint brush bristling feature could be introduced.

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    The Pallet Knife’s “spread” range can be altered to some extent already by setting lower Pressure values.
    A loaded Pallet Knife will behave similarly.
    The attached is a 6236px wide canvas at 300dpi that would print at 20” wide. The starting paint is from the default Paint Tube at 200% size.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the replies. I will try adjusting the pressure. Just tried it and it sure helps. Thanks markw! Again!
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    I replied a little too soon. If one starts with a glob of paint from the tube it works as your sample shows but when starting on a piece of blank canvas still doesn't carry much length in the stroke unless I increase the loading. And that means it is more impasto. I will just keep playing with the settings.
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    I also dislike the heavily surfaced impasto look that palette knife adds with higher paint loading (but paint roller doesn't at any setting), so it is a good workaround, but it needs other steps to tone the paint texture down later on.

    I'm just glad someone voiced they would prefer some more extra settings for this tool and I hope the developers see it and give us something, because I tend to use the tools that are already there to the max, until I realize there might be an easier way to get same look with some effort from the developer.

    this thread is an opportunity for as to ask for some extra TLC for the otherwise great palette knife tool.

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    Will keep fingers crossed here!

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