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Thread: How do I import a custom color palette?

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    How do I import a custom color palette?

    I tried searching this topic but I might not have put in the right words to query it.

    I would like to capture custom color swatches or samples as they are called in Artrage and import them into Artrage. There is nothing in the manual that explains this process.

    I have other programs that will create swatches from an image but I am not sure how those would then be imported into a custom Samples Toolbox.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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    As you have found, sadly AR doesnít have an internal colour swatch generator.
    Also the Samples panel will only accept ARís .col file type.
    All of which means that to make a pallet that you could share with others, or just for future use, it has to be made manually.

    There are numerous apps and websites, from free to paid, that can generate a specified number of samples from an image, but you will need one that can then produce an image file of the derived colour swatches. See attached example.

    This image can then be loaded into AR as a Reference image from which the colours can be sampled and saved into an existing or new collection.
    Often though, if I need a limited set of colours derived from an image this way, I just sample strait from the swatch reference and never save them as a proper .col file collection that can be used in the Colour Samples panel.
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    Thanks markw. That is what I figured. Manually setting the swatches and or creating an image file similar to the one you show here.

    Forgive me for asking here, in the reply, but one thing I would love to get some feedback on is a thread I started the other day in the Suggestions forum. About including the ability to set an Aspect percentage for custom brushes in the brush designer or at least to have a cursor similar to the one used in the palette knives, a circle with a line through it to show the brush angle.

    I use this all the time as I have a Wacom Art Pen that has barrel rotation capabilities. I have found it indispensable.

    And is there a way to create blending brushes?

    I am asking because you seem to be the one responding to folks like myself on the forum.

    I am a 73-year-old illustrator painter (easel) who is semi-retired after almost 55 years. I have been asked by a gallery back in Hawaii where I lived until last year if I would consider doing seascapes for them. They of course want original oils but they said they would be interested in creating prints from digital pieces. I have been using Rebelle 4 mostly for this process but Artrage has some amazing capabilities that I would like to use but right now I think I can only use it for certain parts of the pipeline. I would rather just do it all in one program and Artrage seems to come closer to being able to create the textures and impasto effects that are closer to what I used to get doing it traditionally. Right now, blending brushes seems to be my biggest hurdle in Artrage. In Rebelle I can fake it with opacity settings which Artrage doesn't have as yet.

    I will show here a piece I am doing, in Rebelle. It is in the very early stage...almost all just sketched in. I would love to be able to work on it in Artrage. It is small here but the piece is 48 by 24.

    Thanks markw. You have been a big help. More than you know. It is Daniel Ibanez who has convinced me to try Artrage. I am somewhat under the gun, timewise, to learn these programs (digital painting is fairly new to me). You have already helped me over a couple of hurdles.

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