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Thread: Modify cursor to show brush aspect like the palette knife with a line in the circle

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    Modify cursor to show brush aspect like the palette knife with a line in the circle

    I use a Wacom Art Pen and the reason is I love controlling the rotation of the brush. Using tilt to do this is awkward for me. In traditional oils, I use a flat brush and I can control the taper of the stroke by twisting the brush on the canvas. Like a calligraphy pen nib that is thin in one direction but fat in the direction perpendicular to the thin angle. But I like to rotate the stylus.

    On some of the default brushes, one can set the "aspect," and then have a visual of the brush (either an oval or a rectangle), allowing me to see the angled aspect of the brush before I start the brushstroke and during the brushstroke.

    And the palette knife has a line through the center of the circle so I can see the same aspect angle.

    When using the brush creator there is nothing that I can see that gives me either of these options. I am left with a circle only. So I don't know what the angel of the brush is at until I begin a brushstroke.

    Am I missing something? If this capability already exists can someone let me know where to find it?


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    I agree, the custom brush works in a confusing way when stylus rotation is added - for the default wacom stylus, tilt/direction only pen stylus the painting process is intuitive enough as it is.

    I practically never use 6D art pen anymore because of its unfortunate uncomfortable form-factor, but having the brush outline updated to add a visual clue for the rotation value would be really nice.

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    Thanks for the reply nekomata. I hope this could someday be implemented. I never found the art pen to be uncomfortable. Maybe it is different than the 6D pen you mentioned. The Art pen form is no different than the standard Wacom pen that ships with its tablets, just a slightly thicker barrel, which I like. Thanks again.

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    I tend to use classic pen the most, and the art pen is noticeably thicker than both that one, and the pro pen.

    I miss the old wacom design for the intuos 3 art marker, it was perfect and didn't need visual clues to get the idea of rotation value - the pen was very tangibly flat:

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    That looks like the 6D Art Pen. Here is my Art Pen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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