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Thread: Color Picker is hard to work with...seems to pick color darker

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    Color Picker is hard to work with...seems to pick color darker

    I am talking about using the Alt-key to pick colors. No matter how hard and precise I try to be the color that is picked is always darker than what I have the cursor over. When I use the actual tool, the eye dropper, and I select 100% and then reduce that brush size down, I get closer.

    Would be nice to use something like procreate or rebelled with the circular icon that shows the lower part being the color already in the brush and the upper part showing the color that one will get if the mouse or key is released at that time.

    I zoom in a lot to try to get it precise but it still doesn't matter. Usually comes out darker. I try to find the smoothest canvas texture so the color won't have dips and bumps but I still don't get close enough.

    this is a really great program but there are just too many nuances like this that make it seem like I am always jumping hurdles to try to get what I want. This is the only program I have had trouble with the color picker. Sorry for sounding grumpy.

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    It’s possible you are picking up differences introduced by the canvas texture and lighting.
    There are various parameters that can be adjusted in the Colour Sampler tool’s Settings, like turning Off the ‘With Lighting’ option, so any dark or light variations introduced by the Canvas Lighting to a colour will be ignored.
    Also the ‘Expand Area’ slider can be used to refine the size of the sampled area. At it’s smallest it will sample just one pixel.
    It should also be noted that the adjustments made to the Colour Sampler’s settings will also be carried over and used when sampling colours using the Alt + Click shortcut.
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    Once again markw my many thanks. I wish someone like you, with your knowledge of this program, would do some tutorials. I would gladly pay to overcome the obstacles I encounter.

    That really solved my color-picking problem. And I will be continuing my journey of discovery with Artrage Vitae...thanks to the help you have given me along with a few others here on the forum.

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