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Thread: ArtRage + recording screen for timelapse?

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    ArtRage + recording screen for timelapse?

    Or how do you handle this? How much do you speed up them and how do you record/edit your videos?
    Currently I switched back from Mac to Windows, so I don't have QuickTime anymore (well, I tried to install it, but on Windows it's incredibly laggy so I'm not able to do anything with my footage). I have seen a tutorial here back in time, but it looks like it's not available anymore.

    - liz

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    Hello liz and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    There is a multitude of screen recording software out there for both Windows and Mac, from free to expensive!
    As I’m on a Mac I can’t really make any specific recommendations for Windows, but hopefully an AR + Windows user can chip in here…
    I have used for a long time the Mac version of Camtasia which can record & edit, but this is now very much at the expensive end of the software options!
    Depending on the screen recording software you use you may also need or want specific editing software too to make the final video.
    As an editor & compositor, I like HitFilm (for a time-lapse film possibly overkill?) but again, like the recording software, there is a multitude of choice out there!

    For making the recording/s you can record your painting sessions in AR as an AR Script and then play that back, as you record your screen.
    Or you could just run the screen recording software as you paint, though depending on your system’s capabilities, this could potentially cause AR to slow down a bit.

    As for what is a good final playback speed, this will in part depend on what the video is for?
    If instructional, then not so fast would be better. People will need to clearly see what you are doing.
    If just for watching enjoyment then whatever is pleasing to you! For example you may want to pace it to fit with some specific accompanying music.
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