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Thread: Windows ArtRage Vitae Purchase Alternative Question

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    Windows ArtRage Vitae Purchase Alternative Question

    Is the Windows/PC version of Vitae only available through MS Store? Can I not purchase it directly from ArtRage as I have the last 3 iterations of the program? (I am not particularly interested in automatic updates, and I don't like doing business with MS Store, I'd rather avoid it if possible.)

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    ArtRage Vitae is only available from the Mac and Microsoft app stores.
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    I have the same misgivings about acquiring stuff in the new way that Ambient D has gone, but I went ahead and purchased thru microsoft anyway. I do have some questions (since I have not purchased software this way before). I hope savvy folks may help me:

    So the software was automatically installed; Where is it installed? (it is not in the same spot as the older versions).
    Will it be upgraded (when it is to be), the same way that ms updates its own software?
    If I don't have access to the internet, does that mean I cannot use this software - since I can't find it on my C drive, where the other version of the prog is installed?
    Are these questions invalid because there is info that I don't have?

    Sure would appreciate some elucidation. Thanks.

    A btw comment: the email I got said no download. the store did download it and it was much slower than any previous download of AR. Did I misunderstand the 'no download? promise?
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    Yo tengo la misma duda que escribe COLORFRK. ¿Dónde queda instalada la nueva versión Art Rage Vitae? Ya la estoy probando, chequeando, y es muy buena, pero mi duda es la siguiente: Cuando renueve mi PC, cómo instalo esta versión??? Gracias desde ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markw View Post
    ArtRage Vitae is only available from the Mac and Microsoft app stores.
    Hi, I don't care having business with the Appstore.
    What is bugging me is the lack of Artrage Vitae Tryout.
    Other software sold in the Appstore, such as Pixelmator if my memory is good, are given the option : you can download a watermarked demo on their website.

    The argument of the App Store refund option isn't good for me : it can prevent from a future buying on the App Store if I change my mind.

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    Unhappy Why?

    I have just spent the last couple of hours getting excited about upgrading to ArtRage Vitae and now I find I cannot download to my Windows desktop. I have had all the previous versions of ArtRage but it looks like I will be sticking at version 6. I will not be forced to take out accounts with these companies. My account is with the makers of ArtRage, and that should be enough.
    I would be pleased to know the rationale of this decision.

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    I'm not so upset about the Microsoft store buy thing, except that I usually save a backup of AR and don't want to rely on internet to re-install if the need be. I also don't like that now AR7 can only be installed on a Windows 10 system. Neither of my 2 Windows PC machines are running Win10 - only using 8.1!! Some of my software on the machines need 8.1 and can't be updated as well!! Not ready to change my OS version at this time.

    May also have to stay at AR6 for awhile.

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