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Thread: Artrage 6 or Vitae?

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    Artrage 6 or Vitae?

    I had my eyes set on getting Artrage, but now I realized there's also the Vitae version (I'm on a desktop PC) and I am now confused. This would be my first time getting Artrage so I don't have any prior versions at all, thus not having anything to compare with or set ways workflow-wise.

    What would be my best bet getting? I've read the documentation but I'm looking for more user oriented experiences. Someone wrote that Vitae is more Artrage 7, but it's confusing on why they have these parallell softwares.

    I'm not a professional artist and I'm all over the place in what I like, but watercolor is a favourite.

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    Hello and welcome ninjacaesar.
    ArtRage 6 has been superseded by ArtRage Vitae - think of it as ArtRage7. There will no longer be upgrades to Artrage 6 but it will still be supported. It is now necessary to purchase the Vitae version through Windows or Apple Mac stores. There is a demo so you can try before you buy.

    There was a mobile version of ArtRage named Vitae which may have caused some confusion. ArtRage 6 is still available for purchase if you should wish to go that way.

    I hope this makes it clearer for you.

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    Hello ninjacaesar and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    ArtRage Vitae is the latest version of AR, currently on offer still I believe, and is the version that will be continued to be developed going forward.
    As I understand it, by using a name only for the app on the app stores, Ambient Design, again looking ahead, will only need to have the one app on the app stores regardless of what the actual build number is.
    AR6 can I think still be purchased from Ambient Design, as some people prefer not to purchase apps from the Microsoft store.
    However I would stress that other than maintaining compatibility with OS updates etc... AR6 is not being actively developed anymore.
    So, ArtRage Vitae is the future of ArtRage!
    It has various enhancements over AR6, not least of which are lager brush sizes than are available in AR6
    A list of new features in ARV can be found here:
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