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Thread: Is there a way to increase warp size over 100%? I'm using ArtRage6.

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    Question Is there a way to increase warp size over 100%? I'm using ArtRage6.

    I've tried typing in size but it didn't work. Is there another way to do this? Also, the shift + drag on normal tools didn't work for me too but typing in work.

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    Hello DifficultTree and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    That’s a bit strange, Shift+ClickDrag Left/Right should be working for you. Including when resizing the Warp tool.
    I have no problems with this method in AR6.
    Which OS are you on?
    What input method are you using; Pen, mouse, trackpad etc…?
    Was it working for you before in AR6?

    Unfortunately, as you have found, you can not type in sizes greater than 100% for the Warp tool. So Shift+ClickDrag Left/Right is really the only way to achieve larger tool sizes with it. But as I say it should be working for you
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    Thank you. So I recently opened my computer, the shift+drag is working now. It's maybe happening because I used my pc for like 8 hours straight, which makes it seems buggy at that point.
    Thank you again for your reply.

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