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Thread: I changed my mind and bought Vitae

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    I changed my mind and bought Vitae

    With all the derogatory comments relating to Microsoft and the store I was expecting some poblems but the experience was flawless. Why all the hateful comments about Microsoft and Ambient for choosing this route? Poor Andy has received a lot of flak.

    Anyhoo, here is my latest with Vitae. I do appreciate the larger brushes.

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    Hi June, as always a pleasure to see another painting from you
    So, you upgraded to ARV after all. Welcome aboard!
    At the risk of sticking my head above the parapet, I agree with you, Andy has I think been unfairly criticised.
    How the Microsoft Store works is after all beyond his sphere of influence. And any dissatisfaction with the Microsoft Store shopping experience would perhaps be more usefully addressed to Microsoft.
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