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Thread: UI Scaling in Vitae?

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    UI Scaling in Vitae?

    Hi. Longtime ArtRage user here.

    While I like the current version, I do have to say that HiDPI support is lacking. It's nice that it supports retina type displays and such. However, at 4K resolution, there's no way to manually scale the UI past 100%. Every UI element and bit of menu text seems small.

    Yeah. I can disable HiDPI support and go back to the slightly blurrier legacy UI. However, given that HiDPI support was a selling point here, it seems odd that there's no way to adjust UI scaling. I can only imagine what artists on even higher resolutions must be going through.

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    The HiDPI higher resolution UI comes into effect when your Windows Display scaling is 175% or more. Below that value the larger UI elements are too invasive.
    If you need the larger UI elements you can do two things. The first, as you've seen, is turn off the HiDPI support in the ArtRage Preferences.
    The second is to exit ArtRage, then right-click on your Windows Desktop and increase the Display Scale value to 175% or higher.
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