Whew! It's official - ArtRage Vitae for Windows and MacOS is now released!
There's a bunch of shiny new stuff on the ArtRage homepage: ArtRage Home Page

And if you missed the pre-release, release...

Here are some of the new features in ArtRage Vitae:

Collaborative painting with a friend:

• Use the inbuilt PaintLink messaging system to coordinate with your friend.
• Start a collaborative painting session through your PaintLink account.
• Work with your tools and layers as normal - your friend sees your changes and you see theirs.
• Swap ownership of your layers if you want.
• Resume a collaborative painting session with your friend - collaboration and layer information is saved with your projects

Share content with all your friends:

• Send ArtRage tools, reference images, colour sets and other content directly to your friends from PaintLink messaging
• Incorporate content your receive directly into your painting.
• You don’t need to have a collaborative painting session active - you can send and receive content to anyone in your friends list.

Improved Color pickers:

• Turn on Complementary Colors in all the color Pickers to display complements for your current color.
• Hexadecimal color values can entered or copied in the color picker.

User-defined Color-Blending profiles:

• Real color blending can now use your own color-mixing profile.
• Create collections of color blending profiles to match the paint medium.
• Color mixing profiles can be scripted, and sent to friends through PaintLink messages.

Tiled Canvas Features:

• Turn on horizontal or vertical (or both!) tiling to allow seamless painting across canvas edges.
• Great for creating infinitely scrolling backgrounds for games or presentations.
• Useful in creating seamless textures for rendering or games.

Improved document saving and reliability:

• Documents save more than twice as fast.
• Settable auto-save timeouts means you won’t lose work.
• Faster saving of documents means your workflow is less interrupted.
• New Large documents are created up to two times faster.

Improved tools:

• Maximum tool size increased to 800%
• Improved gap-tolerance on Fill tool - faster and more reliable.
• Selection tool has gap-tolerance on Wand fill. Ignore small gaps in your Wand selection areas.
• Gradient and Texture Fills can fill to extents of paint borders rather than just selection areas.

Improved Recordable Actions:

• Recorded Actions can have Shortcut Keys assigned.
• Assigned shortcuts displayed in Actions panel
• Included sample Action scripts.

Additional Features:

• Larger canvases up to 32500 x 32500 pixels in size
• Retina and HiDPI Display support in Windows and MacOS for improved UI rendering.
• Script engine has improved support for grids and guide overlays
• ArtRage Vitae is available through the Windows Store and Apple App store.
• Hassle-free licensing and downloading.

And a tonne of bug fixes, and other speed and reliability enhancements.

(Now I can go and have a bit of a lie-down).