I started a long time back with ArtRage when 4 just came back and have lurked around for a while. Firstly you guys are great artists! Makes my stuff look so amaturest. I mainly use AR for making cd covers, loading and coloring adult coloring books, and for creating images for slides for classes I teach for work. I have downloaded AR 6 but I went back to 5 as I know it and (since my wacom died) 5 is easier with a mouse.

So, I am playing around with a new cd covers that I am making for my mom as I made her a group of cds with the number one song on her birthday. I am getting frustrated with paper texture and have spent the last 3 days watching and reading the forums and tutorials. Each back cover will be different and I have a texture and paper I want to use, but I don't see a 'best' size anywhere. So, does it matter what size the seemless tile is? And if you want to use it was a canavas later do you need to make it greyscale for the grain folder?