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Thread: Trouble With Drawings Made Up Of Two Pages

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    Trouble With Drawings Made Up Of Two Pages

    I have to do line art on paper, photograph them, then import the image files. I need to be able to line up & piece together the upper & lower segments of most of my work. I have tried searching the ArtRage site for info & tried everything based on both the results of the search & tinkering with relevant features & settings. Can anyone please give me a hand with this?

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    Alright, I figured it out, however, if anyone has anymore relevant advice, please, feel free to share. Thanks

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    Hello Star Lizard and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Glad to hear you figured it out!
    And since you ask, myself I usually start by…
    Create new canvas at desired size.
    Then go to File > Import Image File To Layer, find my drawing and add it to the painting.
    Repeat above.
    Then using the Transform tool (and if necessary the Warp tool as well) adjust the imported layers to taste.
    When happy, merge them together to form one layer.

    Additionally after this, with line work, I might also use the ‘Remove Colour Matt’ filter to remove the background paper of the imported images, leaving just the lines. And or set it’s Blend Mode to Multiply and leave it at the top of the Layers stack and work underneath it.
    Or I might just leave it at the bottom and start adding work on top of it. It all depends…
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    Thanks!! I appreciate it!!

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