Not sure if this is just a downside of having pressure sensitivity or other technical reason, but has anyone noticed the outline cursor size doesn’t really indicate the size of what’s going to appear on the canvas.

The screenshots below show some tools using their default settings at 100% size. The thin stroke is as light as I could go and the thick as heavy. In each case the cursor outline is much larger than expected for the amount of paint or ink being laid down on the canvas.

For me it would be more preferable if the outline cursor size was actually closer to the size of the mark it’s going to make.

The strange thing is I don’t remember this ever being a problem in the past and judging by the amazing paintings in the art gallery, it’s not hampering other ArtRage artists.

Q: Do people on the forum prefer to use the precise cursor option or swap between the two?

Note: When changing the cursor preference a warning says 'changes require restart' but I've found once you've pressed 'OK', the cursor changes without restarting!

Click image for larger version. 

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