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Thread: Artrage Vitae: Heavy lag in canvas rotation/move/zoom

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    No lag here when using my Wacomís Touch Wheel for Zooming and Rotating. No lag either using Right Hover Click with pen button to translate canvas position.
    Are you just using gestures? If I try using my trackpad, then yes itís not so fluid. But that applied to past versions of AR too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varg View Post

    The performance as ArtRage Vitae zooms, rotates and moves the canvas is not very smooth and delayed. I need this function very often and it must feel fast and smooth! It doesn't matter if I rotate/zoom/move with touch from wacom or via mouse. Canvas size was A4: 3507x2481 and 300dpi with two layers. For comparison i use other drawing programs with more than double the resolution and 5-10 more layers, and it is fast there, no tiny lag. In my opinion it can't be due to my hardware power, which is not really bad. (my GPU power is comparable to a Nvidia GTX 1070)

    Is it possible that ArtRage has a poor implementation of GPU support for macOS? I know that the brush strokes and maybe the image itself is calculated with the CPU, but the canvas itself is displayed over the full GPU acceleration right? Is this also in ArtRage?

    Can this lag be fixed in the future or is there a workaround?

    It feels like I'm working with the handbrake on, which i don't like.

    Thanks and best regards, Varg

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    Hey! Finally, someone wrote about this problem. I thought that this was the only problem for me.
    Before buying the 6th version of the program, I found the same brakes when turning and enlarging the canvas. At the same time, in order to enlarge the canvas, I need to make movements with my fingers several times so that the canvas is of the desired size. Or reduce. And as you noticed, this problem is not observed in other programs. It doesn't matter what size your canvas is and how many layers.
    For me, with such a slowed down navigation, after 15 minutes it was already impossible to work. This greatly slowed down the work, since there is something to compare with. And my eyes were tired of the twitching of the canvas.
    So, before buying the program, I wrote to the support service. they assured me that in the next update they will fix it. It was a year and a half ago! I bought it. After half a year, I again wrote to technical support, since there were no updates. They said that there are some problems with the resolution of the retina screen and something like that. And this is almost an insoluble problem. This is another silence. Until now, nothing has changed and no updates have appeared. And just recently, a new version of the program was released, moreover, for money. I was surprised. Where is the update for the old version? Wrote again in support, asked what about the promise to fix the error? And they answered me: Your bug has been added to the bug list. It will be fixed when its fixed. That's all.
    That is, maybe in six months they will fix it, maybe in a year and a half. And maybe never. They don't care about user requests. I see this attitude for the first time. Other developers are more responsive and make fixes very quickly, which is very encouraging.
    I will add at the same time: the program is excellent, I really liked to paint with watercolors in it (for this I bought it). Natural color mixing. Nice interface. Well, there are other pluses. I wanted to use it constantly, for professional purposes, but because of the brakes with navigation, I could not work in it. There is simply no desire.
    In general, I really hope that the developer hears the user. I waited patiently for a long time, but I never got anything. For me, this is no longer interesting, I hope that for other users this problem will be quickly resolved. Especially for you. And corrections will be made to both the old version of the program and the new one. Best wishes.
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