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Thread: Default canvas

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    Default canvas

    Hello and forgive me if this has already been asked, I am new to the forum.

    Is there a way to change the default start up canvas used by ArtRage 5?


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    Hello Spiraleyes and welcome the ArtRage forums
    If it’s the default canvas’s properties you want to set, you can set your preferred opening properties in the ‘Canvas Settings’ panel.
    Once you have made your settings, click in the space at the top showing the canvas thumbnail and from the pop-up choose; ‘Use Current Canvas As Default’.
    But note, you can not set an opening size for the default canvas that is generated when AR opens.
    If you wish to have a canvas of a specific size as well on opening the only way at present is to save a specific canvas setup as a .ptg file and launch AR by opening that file rather than using the app’s icon.
    A big advantage to this method is that you can have ‘template' canvases setup for specific needs e.g. sketching, oil painting, watercolours, etc…
    At least 75% of the time this is how I launch AR. You just need to remember to use Save As… for the first save so you do, so as not to overwrite the “template” canvas.
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