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Thread: Moving layers in Artrage 6 for Windows

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    Moving layers in Artrage 6 for Windows

    I'll feel stupid if this turns out to be obvious, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move layers. Like if I type text on a layer. I can rotate and resize the layer, but Ive googled and none of the screens I am finding in the "solutions" match Artrage 6. What am I doing wrong? Oh, I'm using it on an XP-Pen Innovator 16 tablet, by the way.


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    Hello Duodave,

    You're right, it's not obvious to work with moving layers in Artrage 6. Personnally, I work with Artrage Studio Pro to work faster...
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    Hello duodave and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Not quite sure what you mean when you say “moving Layers”
    They can be clicked and dragged up and down in the Layers panel to new positions.
    If you are referring to moving content within a layer, then the Transform tool needs to be used.
    Have the target layer selected in the Layers panel then;
    Right click on it in the Layers panel and choose Transform Layer Content, or select the Transform Tool and click once with this on the canvas.
    When the Transform panel opens it makes a bounding box around the content of the layer. Click & Drag anywhere inside this box to move the content to a new position in the layer. This box can also be Rotated, Scaled and Flipped
    When finished hit the Return key or the tick box in the Transform panel.
    If you don’t want to transform all the content of a layer you can first use the Selection tool to define which portion of a layer you want to alter. Now with the Transform Tool click once within the selected area and then continue as above.
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