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Thread: Windows Store For Vitae

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    Tbh I did upgrade becouse it was on sale in a trusted store. I would even have preferd to get it on steam again. But MS Store is ok too i guess.
    I dislike the website Key option. Since you are in the hand of the developer alone that has better to do then to distribute the product.
    Have lost games this way ... (Condor Fight sim)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cow View Post
    It's certainly silly to lose customers over not offering a traditional download.

    You lose goodwill, mindshare and income from putting all your eggs in the Windows Store basket.

    I'll personally no longer recommend this software to anyone. Buying from the Windows Store simply isn't smart.
    Micro$oft is notorious for pushing hardware and software companies into "offers they can't refuse" so to speak

    Methinks there is more to the "Microsoft Store" experience than just merely their taking a cut. The nerd in me remembers the borg quote: 'You WILL be assimilated, resistance is futile'

    If ArtRage had a Linux version, I'd buy it. They've got Mac - which is really UNIX / Linux under the hood.

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    Looks like anyone can get the discounted price on the Windows Store. So it's not really any kind of deal for existing customers or an "upgrade" price. Disappointing. Not to mention that the Windows Store will be offering the discount for another 39days well past the same Aug 31 deadline of the emailer.
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    Wonít buy Ö

    Iíve purchased ArtRage since the first one, every single version. Iíve purchased the IOS version of Vitae. I refuse to purchase it from the Microsoft store for my system. Seriously disappointed that itís the only way to get it. Iím not sure if itís an upgrade or a new version, will it overwrite version 6ÖetcÖso many questions. Considering this is my go to program for most of my art itís so disappointing. Iíll stick with 6. I think I still have v 2 and pro on my old laptop somewhere lolÖ

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    Not a fan of the MS Store

    I am very disappointed in the new Artrage. I don't like the Windows Store. In fact purchasing Vitae was a horrible experience. I will not do it again. I hate having, now, a negative view of a software that I used to love. And still do love 6. I plan to continue with 6 and wait to see how the situation settles out. There is obviously going to be various bug fixes and updates in the future. Will they be as hard to catch up with as my initial purchase of Vitae. I am planning to start transitioning to Krita just in case.

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    I agree with those complaining about Microsoft Store. Buying the ArtRage upgrade was my worst online shopping experience for 20 years or more. It took an age to do and eventually I was charged twice. I only want one licensed copy. I tried phoning Microsoft but it was like talking to a brick wall. I am now trying to get a refund from my credit card provider.

    ARTRAGE: If you want to save your business, use another vendor because I will never buy anything from Microsoft Store again.

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    Don't like the store

    I want to voice my opinion here too and say I'm disappointed with the MS store. I feel I don't own the software anymore, but rent it from Microsoft. I understand this being the easier option as a business, but it sure rubs me the wrong way personally. ArtRage is lovely, everything about purchasing it is not.

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    I upgraded last night from AR6 to ARV. Just to offer the alternative experience, it was all butter-smooth stuff and ARV rebooted with my papers and custom brushes all intact.


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    I would also like to say that I had a very smooth experience, I tend to have a habit of frequently reinstalling my operating systems so this option makes my life much easier. It is disappointing that I can't now use the latest version on linux now but hey ho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    Hi Somerset,
    I don't think there is a further discount. I thought the 50% discount was for existing AR users? There will be no discount for purchases after Aug.31. As for AR6 upgrades - there won't be any. Think of ARV as AR7. There were no further upgrades for AR5 when AR6 was released. Andy did say AR6 would be supported for some time. I don't know what that entails. I admit it has been confusing.

    You will still be able to use AR6. I will stay with the programme as it fits my needs. My introduction to AR was with an installation disc that came with my Bamboo One many years ago. I think it was ArtRage 2.5.
    Just looked over the Microsoft Store, Art Rage Vitae will be available for purchase at 50% off at $39.99 until September 30, 2021.
    I have a personally designed artwork gallery website at:
    There is one section full of pages there under the Digital Artwork category that is devoted entirely to paintings I have created with Art Rage.

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