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Thread: discount coupon not getting applied

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    discount coupon not getting applied

    Hello Rage team,
    I saw AR6 was on discount & I thought I would upgrade from V5. I found that my 50% upgrade discount was not getting applied enev after manually filling in the code. Is it because it already is on 40% discount? or is there any other reason.
    Please do let me know as I would not want to miss out on the discounts.
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    Exclamation Discount price for ArtRage Vitae mac not being applied on Mac App Store

    I'm trying to buy the ArtRage Vitae with the $39.99 discount price for being owner of the past versions of ArtRage.

    When I click on the "Download on the Mac App Store" button it takes me to the the place to buy and download the product where the price is $62.99. I assume the prices are in American Dollars on the Mac App Store site.

    Currently the Australian exchange rate is around $54 Australian dollars for $39.99 American Dollars. I'm loath to click on the download at $62.99 as it might be a discounted price (American dollars) for first-time buyers, but not for me.

    How do I get the offered discounted price of $39.99? There is a limited time left to take up this offer. Can we get a discount code to apply when buying?

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    The price on the Apple App Store and the Microsoft Store are both (currently) $39.99 US Dollars.
    The promotional upgrade email was also in USD.
    The respective stores convert into your local currency, and apply any necessary sales tax (which varies from country to country).
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    Thanks Andy - I purchased/downloaded and saw that the $62.99 was the converted price to Australian Dollars. I guess the Apple store add a bit of "commission" to the price. Just wish it said that it was the converted price I was looking at! Happy with ArtRage Vitae - now time to explore.

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    Artrage Vitae

    Yes. There are multiple issues with this businees model

    1. Mac Store does not showing discount like Windows.
    2. We need purchase the software twice win and mac seperately unlike the earlier model

    For us in India, actual purchase price has gone up by 150% that too under discount rate

    But as I mentioned earlier, I will puchase ArtRage and continue to purchase it even if company mess up things because of long relationship

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