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Thread: Color mixing behavior of custom brushes with color vary

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    Hi Varg!

    In fact I already noticed your post two days ago and tested the vary colour slider out to find an answer. But that doesn't seem to be so easy. At the moment I think, that it works somehow similar to the Sticker Variation (Sticker Spray Tool) Random/Hue. This means that the brush paints a sequence of different colours, depending on how much you drag the slider to the right. At first it paints only one colour (0), then a sequence of two colours related to the colour wheel (f.e. from red to yellow). And so on. But I'm not really sure.

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    Yes, I saw this too, but and forgive me, I kept getting lost halfway through!
    Can you perhaps distill it down into steps with settings shown? To be sure we are all doing the same thing.

    As I understand it, and I may be wrong regarding the Custom brush, but;
    unlike the Real Media brushes in AR, with the Custom Brush, the brush head puts down “dabs” of colour like brushes in Photshop and some other apps do.
    With colour Variance On some of those dabs will be of a slightly different colour. The higher the percentage the further from the starting colour they can be.
    When these strokes are then blended, the dabs of other colours in them, even if they can not be seen by eye, will be used in AR’s calculations as to what colour shift will happen to the blended paint.
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    is there a chance you have "real color blending" enabled while doing this?

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    I'm not sure how to tag @AndyRage so that he would take a look at what's going on (I think the AR team guys don't check the techniques forum just as often), it def. does over-saturate the paint to an unreasonable degree, and while real color mixing tends to do that in some instances I also just remembered that when it does the saturation overkill, it does it w/o color jitter activated in the first place.

    if you can send AndyRage a PM, or report any of comments here asking to move the thread to the tech support forums, you'll likely get a reply faster.

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    I'll add this to the bug list to look into.
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