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Thread: A Different Color Picker

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    A Different Color Picker


    I recently watched a video by Gil Robles painting an oil portrait in Artrage and I would like to make a color picker like the one he uses but I have no idea how to do so. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hello MarianthiZ and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Hum… I watched this video of his here:
    I think what you are seeing there with his colour picker are artifacts caused by the video compression, caused either before or after upload to YouTube.
    If you just watch the colour picker closely you will see it’s apparent separated colours shifting over time.

    However, yes you can easily change the Corner Colour Picker for a custom one of your own.
    If you Right Click in the Colour Sample area that’s showing your currently selected colour, that’s the coloured area just under where it says Metallic %, and from the context pop-up menu choose; Custom Colour Pickers or Custom Colour Picker From Disk…
    The first lets you load one of the many pre-made picker swatches that come with AR.
    And the latter option will let you load any standard format image on your system as a colour source to pick from as per attached example.
    Finally if you have the time and inclination you can also trawl through the Resources area of these forums for Colour Pickers that various users have made and donated over the years.
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    In fact I have also used custom pickers either the ones provided with Artrage, or from images. I just thought he found some way to "reduce" color hues, I would have never thought this would be just an artifact.
    Thank you

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    I don't think that a color picker with this look would have any advantages, because it displays the colors unclean blended to greyish values. It would be not easy to distinguish from which place you can pick up the colour you want if there is such a mess. Think of the simultaneous contrast. Normally I think, you will want to pick up colors more precisely. Therefor the normal pickers with clean and simple gradients work much better.

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    I agree with you regarding precise color picking, but sometimes I feel that "less is more", so having those "clusters" of color would make - for me - a little bit easier to chose in terms of value and saturation.

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