You remarks here are a little bit too harsh and irrational kenmo. Fire someone for not naming this Art Rage 7?
Do you use Microsoft? They skipped from Windows 8 to Windows 10, what happened to 9? What about before 7, there was Vista, XP, 95, no one plus integer increase for every new release. I doubt many people want to see everyone at Microsoft fired for skipping an operating system named 9.
Let it go, Art Rage is an excellent product, and fairly priced for all the features and options. I have never felt ripped off by purchasing their digital painting programs, in fact usually find surprise improvements and/or additions that make it feel like a good deal. If you misunderstand something they offer you and purchase that item and it does not work, I am certain Art Rage would arrange for you to get an exchange for something that does work for your honest intended purpose. It is very easy to misinterpret something that was honestly presented, give them another chance and let it go.