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Thread: ArtRage Vitae for Windows and MacOS. Pre-announcement announcement.

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    Cool ArtRage Vitae for Windows and MacOS. Pre-announcement announcement.

    Ambient Design is proud (and somewhat exhausted) to announce our newest version of ArtRage.
    ArtRage Vitae is available for upgrade purchase - sort of an early-access thing for our existing ArtRage users.
    We'll be making a formal announcement about ArtRage Vitae and making it available for general purchase at the end of this August, however current ArtRage owners can upgrade starting tomorrow (Thursday, August 5th).

    We'll be sending out emails to anyone who has purchased ArtRage previously or registered an ArtRage serial number with the ArtRage Members Area: ( ArtRage Members Area )
    The email will give a purchase link from the Windows Store and the Apple App store. Among other new features we're moving to the Microsoft Store and Apple App Store to make managing updates and purchasing much easier for our customers.

    Here are some of the new features in ArtRage Vitae:

    Collaborative painting with a friend:

    • Use the inbuilt PaintLink messaging system to coordinate with your friend.
    • Start a collaborative painting session through your PaintLink account.
    • Work with your tools and layers as normal - your friend sees your changes and you see theirs.
    • Swap ownership of your layers if you want.
    • Resume a collaborative painting session with your friend - collaboration and layer information is saved with your projects

    Share content with all your friends:

    • Send ArtRage tools, reference images, colour sets and other content directly to your friends from PaintLink messaging
    • Incorporate content your receive directly into your painting.
    • You don’t need to have a collaborative painting session active - you can send and receive content to anyone in your friends list.

    Improved Color pickers:

    • Turn on Complementary Colors in all the color Pickers to display complements for your current color.
    • Hexadecimal color values can entered or copied in the color picker.

    User-defined Color-Blending profiles:

    • Real color blending can now use your own color-mixing profile.
    • Create collections of color blending profiles to match the paint medium.
    • Color mixing profiles can be scripted, and sent to friends through PaintLink messages.

    Tiled Canvas Features:

    • Turn on horizontal or vertical (or both!) tiling to allow seamless painting across canvas edges.
    • Great for creating infinitely scrolling backgrounds for games or presentations.
    • Useful in creating seamless textures for rendering or games.

    Improved document saving and reliability:

    • Documents save more than twice as fast.
    • Settable auto-save timeouts means you won’t lose work.
    • Faster saving of documents means your workflow is less interrupted.
    • New Large documents are created up to two times faster.

    Improved tools:

    • Maximum tool size increased to 800%
    • Improved gap-tolerance on Fill tool - faster and more reliable.
    • Selection tool has gap-tolerance on Wand fill. Ignore small gaps in your Wand selection areas.
    • Gradient and Texture Fills can fill to extents of paint borders rather than just selection areas.

    Improved Recordable Actions:

    • Recorded Actions can have Shortcut Keys assigned.
    • Assigned shortcuts displayed in Actions panel
    • Included sample Action scripts.

    Additional Features:

    • Larger canvases up to 32500 x 32500 pixels in size
    • Retina and HiDPI Display support in Windows and MacOS for improved UI rendering.
    • Script engine has improved support for grids and guide overlays
    • ArtRage Vitae is available through the Windows Store and Apple App store.
    • Hassle-free licensing and downloading.

    And a tonne of bug fixes, and other speed and reliability enhancements.
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    Aaaannnnddd... We've just released the first patch update to ArtRage Vitae for Windows and MacOS.
    Some important fixes in here. In theory... the Windows Store and the Apple App Store will update your ArtRage Vitae installed app automatically.

    ArtRage Vitae 7.1.2
    Help button on PaintLink connection problem panel not opening help page.
    Possible crash using Watercolour tool with selection sets
    Possible crash with Custom Brush tool with tiled canvas.
    Custom Brush tool not painting when selection set is active.
    Fixed font for Chinese character language selection
    Cmd/ctrl D shortcut no longer dual assigned. Deselect all only. (Note: will only affect new installs)
    Sticker sheets were making docked panels permanently invisible on peeling sticker.
    Mouse wheel falls through to canvas to move canvas in HiDPI.
    Cmd/ctrl+Mousewheel zoom fixed in main canvas. Also scrollable lists.
    Indicator in canvas colour picker incorrectly positioned
    Canvas colour picker incorrectly setting colour in HiDPI mode - was picking button colour.
    Moved Canvas Tile shortcut assign to Canvas Commands group
    Moved Autosave shortcut assign to File Commands group
    File save on Mac may bring up error after a few saves. Now caches security access.
    Update STUN server for ICE connections for PaintLink. Will be more reliable.
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    We got another patch uploaded yesterday. Some fool broke the translated string tables in the previous release, so this update was urgently required:

    ArtRage Vitae 7.1.3
    - Fixed Translated command strings: Were incorrect. (Example, string for Oil Brush was Pencil)
    - Fixed possible crash painting with custom brush after file load with canvas in tiled mode.
    - Fixed colour sampler not working in lower-right part of canvas in certain cases.
    - Plus/Equals icons in paint mix panel now support dark mode
    - 'Advanced' text in canvas option panel was too small in HiDPI mode.
    - Copy/Paste now working in Hex field in floating colour picker.
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    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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