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    Hi everyone, for many years I`m working with art rage. Now the newest version 6 is awful. But there is one thing I`m searching for. Is there any option to turn the brush into a lefthanded work?

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    Hello Deckerstar and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    AR6 is "awful" you say (But I'm hoping you meant to write awesome!) Anyway, you have me intrigued now, in what way/s?
    I donít think I have any brushes that are particularly left or right handed
    Can you expand a bit more as to what you mean and would like to have.
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    Hi Deckerstar. I also am left-handed but haven't found any problem with AR6 - unless you mean the tool icons such as brush, etc., depicting a right-hand tool? This doesn't bother me as I use the 'precise' cursor but I can see it could be off-putting for some.

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    Hi everyone!

    I think what Lefthand is searching for could be found in the driver software of the graphics tablet or whatever he/she uses. My Wacom tablet has the option to switch between right and left hand.

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    wacom has surface orientation settings for their tablets, and as certain artists have pointed out, tablet input precision and line quality might be negatively affected if any setting other than the default is applied.

    for whatever reason, wacom technology does not like to be physically rotated around.

    as far as a left-handed artrage users' experience goes, sticking to default wacom, OS and program settings has sufficed for me. YMMV.

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