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    Exclamation My Issue!!

    Hi there,
    I'm finding when I'm rotating or enlarging the canvas when designing that I'm leaving lines when using pinch fingers. Is there a way to avoid this as its a lot of a waste of time having to go back and remove excess lines.
    Many thanks
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    Hello. You might find that the following helps (assuming you are using a touch sensitive screen and stylus as opposed to "finger" painting") I'm use either a surface pro 6 and or an XP-Pen graphics display with ArtRage.

    On the main menu in ArtRage go to EDIT - ARTRAGE PREFERENCES - INPUT DEVICE.

    If the "Allow Touch Input" box is checked then click on it to disable touch input. Also make sure that "Multitouch Gestures" is checked.

    This should mean that you will be able to use your fingers to pinch and zoom, resize, etc however it won't register paint marks on the canvas - only the stylus input will be recognised for painting.

    I'm not sure what your exact setup is but hopefully this will help.

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    Thanks. I have the same issue and this may solve the problem that I didn’t really think about solving.

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