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Thread: Is Android app the same as the iOS app?

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    Is Android app the same as the iOS app?

    Hello everyone.
    Creating apps for Android and for iOS may seem very similar to the untrained eye, but the truth is that each of these two operating systems has its own peculiarities. There are many differences between Android and iOS − both in the technical foundations of app development and in the process of building an application itself.

    And not only at the technical level of Android and iOS development but also in terms of design and app marketing strategy. In other words, the whole concept of an app will be depending on the chosen operating system. Developers who are switching from one operating system to another, with a completely different programming language, will notice the dissimilarities.
    Thank you.

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    The Android and iOS operating system are each programmed in different programming languages. This is exactly the biggest difference: iOS apps run on Objective-C / Swift, while Android apps run on Java.

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    Hi, I understand that both of you are addressing this from the developer standpoint, but I'm curious about the user end. Is the Android version and the OS version close enough that people could be using both in the same class? I am going to meet with an Android user and compare the app to the App on my iPad Pro, I know the performance is probably different, but I understand the interface is very much alike?

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