Hello everyone,

I'm presently finalizing the last few chapters of Daughter of Xiu, a poetic short story. Its about a Chinese woman remembering her past life as a female Taoist warrior mystic. This is to her a source of power which she uses to fight herself free from the oppression her gender has to endure in her traidtional culture.
I will self-publish through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publish platform. In order to keep the book affordable, I will need to work with black and white images. Printing colour yields too expensive a product, especially for a short story. Using the traditional Chinese painting style would be beautiful, but I can see it will not work out so well in black and white. Therefore I was wondering if there are any "realism digital pencil-sketchers" here.
I'd like to provide you with some Chinese paintings/sumi-e paintings as an example, and then transform it into a realism digital pencil sketch. For example:

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I could also provide relevant photographs.

Ultimately I'm looking for this effect, by Alan Lee when he illustrated Tolkien's The Children of Hurin:

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Notice how beautiful the pictures fade. This gives it a very ethereal effect that would truly beseem a book like Daughter of Xiu. I would definitely like to incorporate that effect. The story takes place in the wilderness of nature, which gives me an additional appreciation for Lee's work here. I also have a great appreciation for the composition, a good balance between emptiness and form, which makes these pieces attain the same serenity I appreciate from the traditional Chinese and Japanese styles.
Would you be able to sketch something like this?

I am not the wealthiest man in the world. What would 50 to 70 per picture be able to buy me?
If you feel in a philantrophical mood (not expecting anything), I'm willing to give you a signed copy of the book, and a signed copy of my other mystical novel Lions of Virtue in exchange for one or two pictures, with the rest paid. You would of course need to have an interest in mysticism and spirituality. To diminish costs further, I can additionally also advertise for you in the book, including your name and the URL of your website/digital portfolio in the acknowledgement section. This of course would only work for you if you're active as a professional artist.

I think I'll be looking for 4 to 5 pictures in total.

Thank you so much,