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Thread: More Text Features

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    More Text Features

    1. List Points
    2. Text Box - Type without going beyond canvas.
    3. Text Path - Curved text.
    4. Tab Function

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    More text features could be nice, because you can do nice things with text in ArtRage. But I would find it more important to get additional functions for the formating of text (especially kerning), to get more aesthetic text.

    But at last you should consider that pixel based grafic software is not suitable for running text. Only for bigger text. For running text you should better use DTP-Software like InDesign, QuarkXPress or Affinity Publisher, to combine text with images. Or vector graphics software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Affinity Designer or the free Inkscape.

    I usually create even bigger text in a vector graphics software and import it into ArtRage as a stencil. That works pretty fine.
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