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    Hello I just purchased Art Rage 6 and was wondering which Wacom product is recommended.Thank you

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    Hello Annebot and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    All the Wacom tablets will work with ArtRage, so I suppose to a large degree, when it comes to which model to get, it comes down to how much you can afford to spend?

    Of the “traditional” non screen tablets Wacom make, I would probably be looking at the medium sized tablets or bigger. The small ones I found are too small for me to draw comfortably with.
    The equivalent new model to what I have now would be the Medium Intuos Pro.
    However, if you are used to drawing with large, broader arm movements then possibly the Large model may suit better. But it dose need some desk space, it having quite a large “footprint”.
    If you are looking at one of their screen tablets then the Cintiqs all have a good solid pedigree.
    The Wacom Ones I’ve no experience of.

    Wacom are generally aiming for the pro or semi pro market with their products and their prices reflect this but Wacom aren’t the only game in town these days.
    Many users here have Huion tablets and are very happy with them.

    Do you have a particular model of tablet in mind?
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