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Thread: tool box won't load

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    tool box won't load

    I saved the toolbox with my preferred brushes and normally when i open the software and recent painting, the toolbox automatically loads. I updated my security software just before (not sure if this is relevant), but the toolbox did not load with the painting, and even when I went to command 'load toolbox' and selected it from my files, it would not load. I tried other toolboxes and same thing. I guess I will have to redo it but wonder whats happening?

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    don't worry, I remembered that its a two step operation, to open the toolbox panel, so its all ok

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    That happened to me too several times, and I'm not really sure why. Possibly I renamed or moved the image file the toolbox belonged to or the toolbox itself. Don't know. But as Kate already said, it is no problem to solve the problem. Just open the Toolbox panel (menu "View") click on the burger menu in its title row and on "Load Toolbox" there. Navigate to the toolbox on your computer and load it. After that it should again henceforth be opened with your image file.

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