Hello all

I was able to contact Artist Daniel Ibanez ! He uses a XP pen deco tablet. He believes that it might be because of the tablet. Not very sure.
In the meanwhile, I tested with few other software. Downloaded Rebelle 4 demo version and tested in that.
I am able to rotate every kind of brush. I immediately purchased it too.

Downloaded and installed Free Krita. in this too, all rectangular/oval/flat edged brushes do rotate.

Installed Free Autodesk Sketchbook. Yes, all rectangular/oval/flat edged brushes rotate in this too.

When it rotates in all these applications, why not the oil brush of Artrage rotate too? Palette Knife rotates !
It is also to be noted that in Artrage Vitae on my iPad Pro with Apple pencil, the Oil Brush does not rotate, but palette knife does rotate. In other apps like Procreate, Artstudio, Sketchbook, it does rotate on iPad too.

I am quite disappointed, naturally. Rebelle's Oil Paint too is fantastic in its own way. Since I hail from a traditional physical oil paint on canvas hobbyist, I mostly do Oil Painting.
Rebelle is not available for iPad/ iPad Pro. . I love Artrage because I've been using it from version 2 through its current version 6. And I'm somehow not inclined to use Rebelle 4 even though purchased it, because i would like to use the same application on my Desktop as well as on my iPad Pro. And, again, learn the application and its behavior...etc.

And just to rotate Artrage oil Brush, should I buy XP Pen Deco tablet and ditch the Wacom I have now? I now tend to think that it is a bug - may be not reported, or overlooked. Because the behavior in Artrage Vitae on iPad too is the same - not rotating.

I sincerely hope that Artrage developers fix this. And not make me migrate to other software.
Hoping for the best.
Best regards