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Thread: Lots of Color links!

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    Lots of Color links!

    I found this site that has a ton of links to interesting color sites.

    The Color Palette Generator, for instance, is really cool.

    Hope it's as useful to you as it is to me!


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    That's amazingly full! Thank you!

    Used to have to pay for programs like what these do for free.

    I haven't looked at but a sample of the links, but it's a great resource for designers primarily -- invaluable tool when the idea well runs dry and you need to come up with a bunch of variations of two and three color sets for corporate identity logos and stuff.

    The color picker in ArtRage is also still pretty nifty for getting colors for paintings. One can just pull colors from pictures that already work as pictures.

    But now that I think about it, who knows what color ideas for paintings could come from. Something like this might help see new color possibilities.

    Thank you again for that link! Will help me for sure since I'm also doing some design stuff of late.

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    I'll just throw in my favorite colour link:

    It is an online tool designed to simplify the nightmare of color scheme selection. It has kind of the same feel as ArtRage once you get to know it.

    You are able to do many, many color related things. Mixing, fades, transitions, colour assignment etc.

    The coolest features is that you are able to distinquish between the value of a colour and the lightness (gray value). And you are able to assing these properties directly to other colours just by dragging from one to another colour.

    Hope you like,

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