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Thread: First real portrait (not of an animal) from scratch

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    First real portrait (not of an animal) from scratch

    I took this photo of family members. Its been a fascinating experience as it's way out of my comfort zone. It is far easier in AR than other software mediums though. Thank you to the people who have given me some useful tips on to do it. Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll do some more people when I'm feeling brave again

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    What a great portrait! Lots of sensitive feelings. And they both look really good. Well done!

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    thank you. The girl is my daughter, and the little boy my grandson. He was very upset and getting a loving cuddle from mummy when I took the original photo. I really loved the photo so thought I would give it a go with AR

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    For your first portrait, boy does that look great. You are very talented and must produce some more portraits. Iím a beginner in art, and Iíd love some insight in how you went about creating this. What brushes and how do you blend skin that good?

    If your too busy to go into it, thatís no problem as I donít want to pressure you.

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    Hi. Sorry not to have got back to you, but I didn't see this post as it slipped down to page 5. Not sure if you will get this but I'll go through the process again and add (I hope of a further picture as I have tweaked it again.
    First I did a sketch by tracing over the original photo. Not highly detailed, but just to make sure I got the proportions right.
    Then I had the reference photo pinned to the top of the page and looked at all the lights and shadows.
    I selected the colours from the reference photos and used the pencil tools on a canvas to get the look I wanted. I tried to use the oil paints but they were just not precise enough and the colours merged together (which they are meant to do of course) creating colours I didn't want, so I found the pencils much easier. I used the knife 'tiny frost' as a blender and went over and over the areas picking out the lights and darks.
    It was much more complex than I imagined and I spent many hours on the painting. I find even the tiniest dab of colour can change the whole look. I do mostly animal portraits so the hair was the easiest part.
    I haven't attempted a portrait since this, but hope I do some day. I don't want this to be the first and the last! In the attached update, I have altered the green at the back. I also saw the boys lower lip wasnt quite right, so I said 'light colours bring forward, darks recede', and put a dab of lighter colour to make the lip rounder. It works it think.

    I hope you give portraits a go. Very challenging but very rewarding.

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