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Thread: Curved Text?

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    Curved Text?

    Is this possible?

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    An example of what you have in mind might be good here?

    Once a Text layer has been converted to ‘Paint’ in the Layers panel (click the T icon on the Text layer > Flatten Text To Paint) it can be altered and warped using the Transform tool and/or the Warp tool.
    Though my guess here is that this is not going to be what you are looking for.

    AR’s thrust is very much toward mimicking real world paint and as such has very limited Text capabilities and in all honesty if text is going to be an integral part of a work, I always use another graphics app which is more focused toward those requirements to do the text elements.
    Either sending the whole finished painting to the other app or sometimes just swapping in/out the relevant layers with the other app as I work.
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    Good to know. I could import a layer/image from another app. Thanks!

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    To work with text is not really the core competence of painting programs like ArtRage. You can't even do some kerning with it. If you want to align text to a curve (path), you can do it with a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw or the free Inkscape. You could create a stencil outoff it in ArtRage, and then paint with brushes on it. That works pretty fine. But for this case, you should export your aligned text as PNG with transparent background form the vector graphics program.

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    If it's only a few words, I put each letter on a separate page and arrange them, page by page, over the shape I want which I have drawn on another layer. Tedious! But if it's something you rarely need to do and it's just a bit of text, it works in a pinch and keeps me from having to create something in a different program. Once I have created the words I need on the shape I want, I make sure the canvas is set to unlit cel and export it as a png so I can use it as a single element thereafter.

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    Whatever style you think will be more descriptive if you write it.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll just import into Affinity for now.

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