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Thread: Most Used or Favorite Brushes Grouping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    Hi Kenmo. I save my Toolboxes into folder from which I can load them when setting up the next painting. As I have been using the same canvas for most of my latest paintings I have saved the canvas shortcut to my desktop as a .ptg(it's named "my fav canvas" so when I open AR the toolbox will be loaded. If I want a different brush etc. I can edit from there. So that particular toolbox will be in my toolbox folder and also stored in my fav canvas. I don't keep individual toolboxes - just the one mentioned here and another with my favourite watercolour brushes, etc. I have made a stencil of my sig and store that in the toolbox too.

    I hope that isn't as clear a mud! Of course I have to rename the canvas so that I can keep the original shortcut. Just counting I find that I have 13 tools/presets stored with the canvas. Not counting colours as they vary too much.

    PS. looks like the Workbench was only in version 4 so things might be a little confusing reading the manual for that version.
    Great tip. I was wondering why I could not get into Workbench mode. After spending 30+ years as server admin and reading through volumes of technical documentation the ArtRage doc on Toolsets ranks as one of the most confusing and you've explained why.

    Cheers & thanks for the reply...

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    Quote Originally Posted by markw View Post
    Personally I can see the rationale behind the first two being tied to a specific painting but not Stencils?
    As Stencils are independent files stored on disk, the same as any other brush files, I canít see why they can not be stored in an independent Toolbox and must remain tied to a specific painting?
    Whole heartedly agree here. Stencils can be used anywhere, so why not let them be stored in toolboxes outside of paintings? Maybe it can be patched or updated. Or at the very least, improved in AR7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nekomata View Post
    THANK YOU so much for explaining this, Krigen813!

    I struggled with the way supporting documents for artrage 5 were presented as well, and completely overlooked there actually was an option to keep the toolboxes backed up for reusing in different painting projects.

    I love this feature when working on something requiring differently adjusted tools going back and forth, but making a separate tool stack for every painting I was working on was a little bit of a hassle.
    You're very welcome. Unfortunately, the AR6 documentation is nonexistent. I've learned what I know of AR6 from tinkering, AR6 walkthrough videos on YouTube, and asking here in the forums.
    I started posting last night to say that I'd make a pictured guide of how to do this when I get through finals this week, but then I realized that I could do so in about the same time it takes to say I would do it later. LOL.

    So glad to help! Let us know if you have other questions.

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    I thought I had posted this comment last night but as I don't see it in this thread here it goes again

    It is possible to save a stencil in the Toolbox and for it to be available when next you load the saved Toolbox. Select "hide stencil" when you want to remove it from the canvas and it will remain in the Toolbox. If you 'remove stencil' you will remove it from the Toolbox as well.

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