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Thread: Snap to Grid Text & Hi-DPI

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    Question Snap to Grid Text & Hi-DPI

    How does one get the text to snap to the grid?

    Also, is there an option for hi-dpi user interface?

    How to center a layer or text? Whether it be vertical or horizontal. Are there guides that can pop-up when your center while dragging?

    Maybe it's the grid snapping that I'm confused about. Doesn't seem to work as expected. Even if I set the distance to snap to 100, it just still functions the same.
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    Text layers will snap to both Guides and Grids only after typing, when moving or resizing said layers with the Transform tool.
    Snapping is normally 'On' by default with Guides but you may need to turn on snapping for Grids in the Layout panel.
    The snapping areas for Text layers are the four sides and the horizontal & vertical centres.

    With regard to the UI, on Macs there is an option in ArtRage’s preferences for 'Retina Screen' support.
    For Windows I don’t know if there is a similar option I’m afraid.
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    Thanks for the reply but when snapping enable, it just doesn't behave like it should or what I'm use to.

    Hopefully, there will be an update for hi-dpi displays on Windows. That would be nice on my Surface Pro 7.

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