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Thread: Rusty Painter. I'm struggling.

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    Oh, and speaking of teeth, mind to not make the areas between too dark. Sometimes it's better to work over a lighter underpainting and then hit it with a mid-range of tooth color and then add highlights to imply a shape without overstating it like a dentist might have need to do. And later, if you want more separation between certain teeth or in certain areas, you can gently come back and darken lines here and there a wee bit.

    Anyway, you're doing it the old master way with the grid. Awesome. Good training.

    Back in the day when they used to actually paint billboards, my class visited a place that did the giant paintings in a warehouse before they were taken out to be placed.

    One way, they projected a photo (of a photo or drawing, depending on their reference) and they had a metal screen behind the paper at the size it was to be painted, which would spark when they ran an electronically charged stylus around the shapes so they ended up with a paper with tiny holes. They then laid the paper onto the billboard boards that were painted white, and they held the paper in place and got powdered charcoal onto a daubing rag and patted it to where there would be dots in place to guide when they painted.

    Rather old, old school fresco technique for transfer without the wet plaster of a fresco. They showed a similar idea in The Agony and the Ecstasy about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, only they poked holes in a drawing which they laid onto the newly applied plaster and then ponced the charcoal over it to make the dots for the painter. But your approach is also very Renaissance in age. Hey, those old tricks still work.

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    So for the teeth, don't draw the teeth outlines, just the shapes and tones.
    I do understand that. I think the same with the lips. We do not have a line around the lips,
    it just a blend of tones and colour. ( The British way of spelling Color )

    Thank you for the History Lesson

    I knew about the poking holes method of the Masters but didn't know about the
    electrostatic method.

    Interesting stuff.

    Thanks Dakey
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