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Thread: painting water

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    painting water

    I am trying to paint water with reflection from trees. I tried to use various tools, however nothing gives me the originality I need. I tried sticker spray, various brush tools etc
    The reference image attached.

    Please suggest me what all tools I need to use


    I use artrage 6 desktop version
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    TN Artist on YouTube has some fantastic instructional videos. To summarize his techniques for what you want to do, I would copy and reflect the trees you want showing in the water. Then use the palette knife to blur that. Then go over that with a stencil you can create yourself by drawing it or taking a photo to make one from that is of reflections on water.

    My summary isn't enough of an explanation by itself, but the video that TN Artist did that first and most came to mind is at

    The entire video (Titled "How To Make a Bob Ross Style Mtn. Range Artrage Painting Art") is worth a watch even though it's almost an hour, but for a greater focus on what you are looking for I would start around 15 minutes and play through about the 30 minute mark.

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