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Thread: I want to introduce myself!

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    I want to introduce myself!

    Hi everyone, my name is Phillip. I'm very glad I found your forum, I found some amazing work here. I will be glad to communicate together!

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    Looks like nobody's here. We can welcome each other though :-)

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    Well, hello to you Phillip and also dianaminter93. Welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Hope you both find ArtRage to be the paint program you have been looking for!
    Any questions, just ask away here in the forums. People around here are always happy to help when they can
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    Besides the fact that I come here once a few times in a year, doesn't mean I can't say welcome to you I guess... hehe

    Since 1974 mixing cachaça, sugar and ice to the lemons life gives to me.

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    Hello and welcome. Artrage is just a brilliant piece of software.

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    Hey, Phil. I'm a newbie here too but artrage is an amazing app!

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