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Thread: Snap to grid/perspective

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    Snap to grid/perspective


    1. is it possible (and when, where is it) to increase sensivity of snap to guides (grid/perspective)
    2. it is difficult (for me) to draw horizontal fine lines, when snap to perspective is enabled. How would you do it?
    3. above all perspective is "gone". I am seeing only a horizontal line suddenly. Perspective is enabled of course and
    i have added a bunch of different lines in the perspective settings, but nothing happens, weird.
    4. i am not able to ul a screenshot (too stupid probably). My Browser is FF, when i click "Manage Attachments"
    a small FF window opens saying i shouild drop the file into this window, i did but nothing happened.....

    Edit: i overlooked the upload icon top right
    EDIT 2: Question 3. and 4. is solved!
    EDIT 3: Snapping is much better now after having restarted the app....
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    Hi busterkeaton!

    1. You can adjust the radius of the "Snap to Grid"-functionality in the layout panel. It's the slider below the "Snap to Grid"-checkbox.
    2. If you hold the Crtl-key, you can draw exact straight lines. If you additionally hold the Shift-key, you can draw exact horizontal, vertical or diagonal in steps of 15.

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    thanks for your tip!

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