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Thread: Pen pressure shading/opacity doesn't work? Doesn't exist?

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    Pen pressure shading/opacity doesn't work? Doesn't exist?

    Hello I am new to using artrage however I am having trouble painting/shading properly with it because pen pressure does not seem to affect opacity/shading only line thickness.

    This is very jarring for me because I am quite used to other painting software which use pen pressure to affect the opacity/softness/darkness whatever you want to call it of a brush.. Even when drawing in real life when you sketch the harder or softer you apply the pencil the darker or lighter your shading becomes. But with artrage for me the only thing that is being affected by pen pressure is the brush thickness and if I want to make an area darker I have to go over that area all over again which creates lots of problems both in workflow and the consistency of a painting. I have tried looking for a setting for pen pressure but the only thing I can select for pen pressure is size. I am using a xp-pen innovator 16 pen display.

    Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi drawdrawdraw!

    If the pressure of your stylus results in a thicker stroke and/or more or less opacity etc. depends on the settings of the certain tool you are using. You can adjust this settings in the "Tool Settings" Panel (menu "View" > "Tool Settings"). And settings you like, you can save to the "Tool Presets" Panel, wher you already can find some good presets.

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