I just bought a Huion Kamvas 20 Pen Display. I have it connected to an Asus laptop running Windows 7. I get the display I want on the laptop and the pen tablet. I want to connect a 50 inch television to the setup also. That way I can see what I am drawing/painting on the big screen TV. I can get the laptop to work with the TV and I can get it to work with the tablet, but I can't get alll three to work at the same time. If I can't get all three to work together, I am out of luck since I need the large TV as part of the setup since the pictures on the laptop and tablet are not large enough for me to truly see what I am doing. Any help I can get to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am using ArtRage 4.5.Thanks again for any help I can get.