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    Question ArtRage 6 Manual

    I recently purchases ArtRage 6. Is there a manual hidden somewhere? The ArtRage 5 manual is fine for some things but I want to trace around a stencil and the instructions in the ArtRage 5 manual don't work in ArtRage 6. For example, there is no Stencil or Ruler mode that I can find.

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    Hi Susan.
    Have you looked under Help/ArtRage Manual. Also F1 will take you there.

    You will find ArtRage6 informatiion here

    Also right click on the stencil and you will be able to choose guide, stencil or ruler mode.

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    Hello Susan and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    First, to clarify do you have ArtRage6 or ArtRage6-Lite?
    If you have the Lite version then, Iím afraid no, you will not have the different stencil mode options which are only available in the full version.
    A features comparison between Lite and Full versions can be found here:

    If you do have the Full version then it should function just as in past versions of AR;
    Once you have activated a Stencil, to access the different Stencil modes just right click on it and from the popup menu you can choose from Stencil, Ruler or Guide.
    The Stencil will change colour to show which mode it is in.

    As regards Manuals in general although AR6 dose ship with a Quick Start guide, (which you can access from the apps Menu by going to; Help > ArtRage Manual), much more comprehensive help can be found on the web based Manuals:
    Apart from new AR6 features the basic functionality of AR6, remains the same as in AR5 and to a lesser degree of AR4.5 too.
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